The segment ball valve is a quarter-turn senior control valve. V port valve core is designed with special shape of V notch, so have a lot of shear force and consecrated themselves function.Especially suitable for medium which containing fiber or a small solid granular media control.It is widely used in Pulp& Paper industry.


As a well-known local paper-making base in China,Guangzhou Dongguan needs a large quantity of segment ball valves. But in the past a very long period of time,it seems a lot of problems appeared when using segment ball valves. The biggest problem is previous segment ball valves have a very short sevice life.Most of them have to replace within a year.It not only wast money but also a serious waste of material resources.The most of the replaced valves will be throw away.


In last few years,they brought a batch of stainless steel segment ball valves from Hiton Valve,completely solve their problems.Hiton segment ball valves have the features of long life and easy maintenance with low cost.


Compared with normal 0 port ball valves,segment ball valves are with integral,side-entry structure which has strong rigidity to avoid deformation and leakage. Up and down Self-lubricating bearings are installed inside the body,which makes larger contact surface with stem.And also it enlarge the bearing capacity, reduce the friction coefficient and  lighten steering torque. The hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the ball were significantly increased after  the hard chrome plating or spray welding, treatment of HLPIII.Light body weight,small body weight,so it can be installed with smaller pneumatic or electirc actuators,compared with other control valves,it is higher cost-efficiency.


As a professional manufacturer of segment ball valves,Hiton dedicated to design high quality products to meet higher requirements.